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WRF-METEOPG: numerical weather forecast data for Poland - Days 288-294, Year 2021


WRF-METEOPG is a numerical weather forecast system developed at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. The system was built on the basis of the Weather Research and Forecast model version 4.2 and implemented at Centre of Informatics Tricity Academic Supercomputer & Network. Physics parametrization and model dynamics have been adjusted to the weather conditions prevailing in Poland. Also, a whole geographical database (topography, land cover, etc.) has been redefined using, e.g. CORINE and SRTM data. As initial and boundary conditions GFS model with 0.25° spatial resolution is used or, when GFS is unavaialble, ICON-EU with 6.5 km resolution.

This dataset contains weather forecast data for the days 288-294 of the year 2021 (October 15 - October 21, 2021). For each day, the simulations were started at 00 and 12 UTC with the forecast range equal 60-hours. Data are stored in grib2 file format with 1-hour temporal and about 2.5 km spatial resolutions for whole area of Poland. Dataset contains basic meteorological parameters such as 2-meter temperature, surface and sea level pressure, precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed and gusts. Detailed information about available parameters and dataset structure can be found in the readme file attached to the dataset.

Calculations were carried out at the Academic Computer Centre in Gdansk under the project "Parameterization and development of a high-resolution mesoscale WRF numerical weather model with assimilation of meteorological and GNSS data".

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