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A Floating Dock Digital Twin towards Efficient, Safer and Autonomous Docking Operations

The aim of the project is to develop the computer model to simulate autonomous floating dock operations and interactions between a floating dock and a vessel. The model will also be utilized to test automatic control system of a floating dock. The outcome of the project is to provide maritime industry with an advanced simulation program, which enables quick prediction of a docking process progress to avoid dangerous situations and accidents. This project is relevant for GUT as it tightens cooperation with the maritime industry and introduces novel solutions.


Project's acronym:
Financial Program Name:
EEA and Norway grants - Applied Research Programme
Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju (NCBR) (The National Centre for Research and Development)
NOR/POLNOR/DigFloDock/0009/2019-00 z dnia 2021-01-12
Realisation period:
2021-02-01 - 2024-04-30
Project manager:
dr inż. Aleksander Kniat
Team members:
Realised in:
Institute of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology
External institutions
participating in project:
  • University of Stavanger (Norway)
  • CoreMarine AS (Norway)
Project's value:
6 300 000.00 PLN
Request type:
International Research Programmes
International project
Verified by:
Gdańsk University of Technology


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