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Fast geometry scaling of UWB band-notch antennas


Implementation of band-notch capability plays an important role in the design of ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas. At the same time, appropriate sizing of antenna geometry parameters in order to precisely allocate the notch at the required frequency as well as to ensure sufficient reflection level is quite challenging and has to be based—for reliability reasons—on full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulations of the structure. In this paper, we propose a simple technique for dimension scaling of UWB antennas that allows rapid re-allocation of the band-notch for a required frequency. Our approach exploits a fast inverse model established using several reference designs obtained for coarse-discretization EM model of the antenna of interest as well as appropriate correction techniques that allows us to apply the model for antenna scaling at high-fidelity EM simulation level. The proposed procedure is demonstrated using a compact UWB monopole with the band-notch scaling range from 5 GHz to 8 GHz.


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International Conference on Microwave Radar and Wireless Communications strony 1 - 4
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Kozieł S., Bekasiewicz A..: Fast geometry scaling of UWB band-notch antennas, W: International Conference on Microwave Radar and Wireless Communications, 2016, IEEE,.
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1109/mikon.2016.7492040
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