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Preparation and characterisation of solution-cast Nafion membrane


Nafion is a commercial name for a perfluorosulfonic polymer, which has been developed in 1962 by Dupont de Nemours. This polymer consists of a polytetrafluoroethylene backbone and regular spaced long perfluorovinyl ether pendant side chains terminated by a sulfonate ionic group. These sulfonate groups are responsible for cation-exchange properties of Nafion. Thanks to the ion-exchange properties, water permeability, good chemical, thermal and mechanical resistivity Nafion membranes have many applications. Nafion is commercially available in the form of membranes or alcohol-water solutions, water dispersion or as a powder. Nafion solutions can be used for the preparation of solution-cast membranes with specified thickness or composite membranes with different fillers. Preparation of an insoluble solution-cast membrane with good mechanical properties requires usage of a polar solvent with high (best above 150ºC) boiling point and heating. In this work a procedure of a solution-cast membranes preparation for an amperometric sensor will be described. Properties of the obtained membranes, such as density, water uptake, ion exchange capacity, solubility in isopropyl alcohol-water solution have been determined.

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Strzelczyk A., Chachulski B., Jasiński G.: Preparation and characterisation of solution-cast Nafion membrane// IV Konferencja Studentów i Doktorantów Elektroniki, Telekomunikacji, Informatyki, Automatyki :Materiały Konferencyjne ICT Young 2014/ ed. Mateusz Cygert Gdańsk: , 2014, s.99-103
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