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Wojciech Sadowski (born 2 February 1954 in Ostaszewo, Poland), scientist, engineer, professor at Gdansk University of Technology, specialist in solid state body physics, nanotechnology, optoelectronics. In 1973 he completed his high school education at High School Nicolaus Copernicus in Chelmno. In 1979 he graduate from Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute in Russia (former Soviet Union) with specialism in dielectrics and semiconductors. In 1979 he started work at Gdansk University of Technology. He hold the position of vice-rector for cooperation with businesses and European initiatives in years 2002-2005 and vice-rector for cooperation with business and international initiatives. Since 2012 he worked as the dean of the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics and since 2001 - Head of the Department of Solid State Physics. In years 2008-2012, he was the first director of the Doctoral Study of Physics at the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics. He was the co-founder of the project to build the Centre for Nanotechnology and since 2013 he has lead it as director. While working at the Technical University of Gdansk took part in several scientific international internships: University of Freiburg (1986), IBM Zurich (1988), the Faculty of Physics at University of Lausanne (1986-1987) and DPMC at the University of Geneva (1987-1992).

At the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute he received the degree of PhD in 1984 and in 1997, assistant professor at the Institute of Molecular Physics Academy of Sciences. He gained the scientific degree of associate professor in 1999, professor in 2003 and full professor in 2008.

He is the author of over 180 publications on solid state physics, nanotechnology, materials science, crystal growth, superconductivity and optoelectronics, including 1 book. He is a promoter 5 doctors. He is one of the organisers of the interdepartmental studies project at Gdansk University of Technology - Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. In the years 2001-2008 he was the initiator and coordinator of the establishment of the Regional Centre for Research Spectral (RCBS) in Gdansk, a member of the steering committee in the first edition of the Structural Funds, the co-creator of the Regional Development Strategy of Pomerania region.

He was the founder and leader of the Center for Advanced Technology Pomerania (2003-2008 (2004-2008), founder of the "Swallows of entrepreneurship" at the Technical University of Gdansk, the author of the project "Office for technology transfer at Gdansk University of Technology" (2004-2007), the initiator of the project, the construction of the Centre of Nanotechnology Gdansk University of Technology (completed in 2013), which he currently leads.

In 1987-1992 (since 1989. As a visiting professor) he worked at the Department of Physics at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

 He is a member of scientific organizations at home and abroad including Committee of Physics, the American Ceramic Society, Polish Physical Society, the Polish Society for Computer Simulation, Polish Society for Testing and Materials, member (since 1997), President (2007-2010) and member of the board Polish Society for Crystal Growth them. Prof. Jan Czochralski (2007-2016).

Awards: Silver Cross of Merit (1998), Medal of the National Education Commission (2011), 8 awards PG rector for scientific activity and organization.

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