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  • Making agile retrospectives more awesome

    According to the textbook [23], Scrum exists only in its entirety, where every component is essential to Scrum’s success. However, in many organizational environments some of the components are omitted or modified in a way that is not aligned with the Scrum guidelines. Usually, such deviations result in missing the full benefits of Scrum [24]. Thereby, a Scrum process should be frequently inspected and any deviations should be...

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  • Adopting Collaborative Games into Agile Software Development

    Although the emergence of agile methods has triggered a growing awareness that social factors have a crucial impact on the success of software projects, neither the Scrum Guide nor the Agile Manifesto prescribe techniques that aid the human side of software development. To address this challenge, we enriched the Scrum process with a set of collaborative games. Collaborative games refer to techniques inspired by game play, but designed...

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