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Head of Department

Budynek A Elektroniki
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(58) 347 15 66

Vice-Dean for Organization of Studies

Budynek B Elektroniki
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Publication showcase

  • Asynchronous time difference of arrival (ATDOA) method

    A new method for a location service in the asynchronous wireless sensor networks is outlined. This method, which is called asynchronous time difference of arrival (ATDOA), enables calculation of the position of a mobile node without knowledge of relative time differences (RTDs) between measuring sensors. The ATDOA method is based on the measurement of time difference of arrival between the node and the same sensor at the discrete...

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  • Survey of Radio Navigation Systems

    At present, there is a growing demand for radio navigation systems, ranging from pedestrian navigation to consumer behavior analysis. These systems have been successfully used in many applications and have become very popular in recent years. In this paper we present a review of selected wireless positioning solutions operating in both indoor and outdoor environments. We describe different positioning techniques, methods, systems,...

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  • Subjective and Objective Comparative Study of DAB+ Broadcast System

    Broadcasting services seek to optimize their use of bandwidth in order to maximize user’s quality of experience. They aim to transmit high-quality digital speech and music signals at the lowest bitrate. They intend to offer the best quality under available conditions. Due to bandwidth limitations, audio quality is in conflict with the number of transmitted radio programs. This paper analyzes whether the quality of real-time digital...

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