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  • Bondage number of grid graphs

    The bondage number b(G) of a nonempty graph G is the cardinality of a smallest set of edges whose removal from G results in a graph with domination number greater than the domination number of G. Here we study the bondage number of some grid-like graphs. In this sense, we obtain some bounds or exact values of the bondage number of some strong product and direct product of two paths.

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  • On the super domination number of lexicographic product graphs


    The neighbourhood of a vertexvof a graphGis the setN(v) of all verticesadjacent tovinG. ForD⊆V(G) we defineD=V(G)\D. A setD⊆V(G) is called a super dominating set if for every vertexu∈D, there existsv∈Dsuch thatN(v)∩D={u}. The super domination number ofGis theminimum cardinality among all super dominating sets inG. In this article weobtain closed formulas and tight bounds for the super dominating number oflexicographic product...

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  • Total Domination Versus Domination in Cubic Graphs

    A dominating set in a graph G is a set S of vertices of G such that every vertex not in S has a neighbor in S. Further, if every vertex of G has a neighbor in S, then S is a total dominating set of G. The domination number,γ(G), and total domination number, γ_t(G), are the minimum cardinalities of a dominating set and total dominating set, respectively, in G. The upper domination number, \Gamma(G), and the upper total domination...

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