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Architecture in the field of art on the example of author’s realizations


The aim of the article was to show the place of architecture in the space of art on the example of original projects. In the author's opinion, architecture, using an artistic object as a means of expression, influences the process of living by showing the recipient, who is an inhabitant, important values from the point of view of creating a house that ensures a good quality of life and strengthening the understanding of both various aspects of living and elements of the house structure. The text presents original intentional projects, in a way the results of research work, and presents the manner and scope of their impact on the living process. The subject of the three described projects were spatial installations using, in two cases, ideological architectural sculptures as an artistic medium. All the projects had home and habitation as their leading themes. Their task was to recall memories, strengthen the sense of identification, or recall the values supporting the said dwelling. During the research, ideological architectural sculptures were placed in the natural landscape of Kashubia and in a block of flats. Appropriate photographic and descriptive documentation was made, constituting the basis for work according to the analytical and comparative method. An attempt was also made to conduct a survey of project participants and recipients. The article not only presents original attempts, the considerations contained in it may also inspire non-obvious activities, combining science and art, indicating the applicative nature of the first and the essence of the second.


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Published in:
Architectus pages 85 - 94,
ISSN: 1429-7507
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Kurkowska A.: Architecture in the field of art on the example of author’s realizations// Architectus -Vol. 2021/ 1 ,iss. 65 (2021), s.85-94
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.37190/arc210110
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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