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Syntheses and Structures of Transition Metal Complexes with Phosphanylphosphinidene Chalcogenide Ligands


The reactivity of the phosphanylphosphinidene complex [(DippN)2W(Cl)(η2-P-PtBu2)]− (1) toward chalcogens (Ch = Se, S) was studied. Reactions of stoichiometric amounts of 1 with chalcogens in DME yielded monomeric tungsten complexes with phosphanylphosphinidene chalcogenide ligands of the formula tBu2P−P−Ch (Ch = Se (in 2) and S (in 5)), which can be regarded as products of the addition of a chalcogen atom to a P=W bond in starting complex 1. The dissolution of selenophosphinidene complex 2 in nondonor solvents led to the formation of a dinuclear complex of tungsten (3) bearing a tBu2P(Se)−P ligand together with [tBuSe2Li(dme)2]2 and polyphosphorus species. Under the same reaction conditions, thiophosphinidene complex 5 dimerized via the formation of transient complex 7, possessing a thiotetraphosphane-diido moiety tBu2P(S−P−P−PtBu2. The elimination of the tBu2PS group from 7 yielded stable dinuclear tungsten complex 8 with an unusual phosphinidene tBu2P−P−P ligand. The reaction of 1 with excess chalcogen led to the cleavage of the P−P bond in the tBu2P−P ligand and the formation of [(DippN)2W(PCh4)]22− and [tBuCh2Li(dme)2]2. The isolated compounds were characterized by NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. Furthermore, the calculated geometries of the free selenophosphinidenes, tBu2P−P−Se and tBu2P(Se)−P, were compared with their geometries when serving as ligands in complexes 2 and 3.


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Published in:
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY no. 58, pages 7905 - 7914,
ISSN: 0020-1669
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Ordyszewska A., Szynkiewicz N., Ponikiewski Ł., Scheer M., Pikies J., Grubba R.: Syntheses and Structures of Transition Metal Complexes with Phosphanylphosphinidene Chalcogenide Ligands// INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. -Vol. 58, iss. 12 (2019), s.7905-7914
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b00594
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