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  • Evaluating the position of a mobile robot using accelerometer data

    This paper analyses the problem of determining the position of a robot using an accelerometer, which is an essential part of inertial measurement units (IMU). The information gained from such a gauge, however, requires double integration of sensor data. To assure an expected effect, a mathematical model of a low-cost accelerometer of the MEMS type is derived. Moreover, in order to improve the performance of positioning based on...

  • Emotion monitoring system for drivers

    This article describes a new approach to the issue of building a driver monitoring system. Actual systems focus, for example, on tracking eyelid and eyebrow movements that result from fatigue. We propose a different approach based on monitoring the state of emotions. Such a system assumes that by using the emotion model based on our own concept, referred to as the reverse Plutchik’s paraboloid of emotions, the recognition of emotions...

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  • Estimation of DC motor parameters using a simple CMOS camera

    Different components of control systems for mobile robots are based on dynamic models. In low-cost solutions such a robot is wheeled and equipped with DC motors, which have to be included in the model of the robot. The model is fairly simple but determination of its parameters needs not to be easy. For instance, DC motor parameters are typically identified indirectly using suitable measurements, concerning engine voltage, current,...

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