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MOST Wiedzy – Open Research Data Catalog Policy and Information

General information

MOST Wiedzy – Open Research Data Catalog was designed, built, and developed as a part of the project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Digital Poland 2014-2020:  ‘Bridge of Data. Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System - Stage II: Open Research Data’.

The nature of the ‘Bridge of Data’ project was to design and build a platform that allows collecting, providing metadata description, and long time preserving the unique research data produced and gathered at the three most important Pomeranian universities: Gdańsk University of Technology, Medical University of Gdańsk and the University of Gdańsk. Most of these data are made available to the scientific community, entrepreneurs and the public therefore became Open Research Data (ORD), one of the three pillars of the Open Science.

To ensure reusability of archived resources the available research data are described by standards developed by dedicated, experienced scientific team. The metadata allow other external computer systems to interpret the collected data. ORD descriptions will also include data reuse or reduction scenarios to facilitate further processing.

Another significant goal of the "Bridge of Data. Multidisciplinary Open Knowledge Transfer System - Stage II: Open Research Data" was to increase accessibility, improve quality and ensure effective functioning these resources in worldwide scientific processes.

The MOST Wiedzy Open Research Data Catalog ensures the infrastructure enabling to archive and make information and resources gathered by scientists in the research process in progress accessible. That is why, it has a positive impact on increasing accessibility, improving the quality of researches and increasing the possibility of reusing scientific resources. The services were designed in collaboration with a substantive team, consisting of the Library (OSCC) employees and the IT technical teams at the Gdańsk Tech IT Services Center and TASK IT Center. Assumptions and functionalities were consulted with teams of scientists at all three universities from the very beginning of the design process. The cross-section of services that it offers includes a data repository with a backup infrastructure and the ability to perform operations and calculations even on big data. It also provides the support of the OSCC as well as additional services supporting knowledge sharing. This altogether provides researchers with the ability to meet the requirements regarding research data management and dissemination set by funding agencies, publishers, and also institutional and national authorities.

In 2021, The Rector of the Gdańsk University of Technology signed the ordinance stating the MOST Wiedzy Research Data Catalog as the Institutional Repository for Open Research Data at the University.

Recipients of the project

In order to recognize the situation and identify potential groups of recipients in the field of work with open data and their needs, numerous meetings and conversations were held with representatives of industry, academic staff of all three universities and external scientific units, as well as with employees of the university directly involved in cooperation in the field of collecting, searching and sharing open data. The experience gained over several years of activity was a valuable clue in determining the needs of these environments. 

On this basis, five stakeholder groups have been identified:

  • researchers,
  • PhD students,
  • students,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • representatives of the information society (in particular teachers and students at various levels of education)

Storage procedure

Only trusted users are granted rights to upload datasets to The MOST Wiedzy Research Data Catalog. Among them are: emloyees of Gdansk University of Technology, University of Gdansk,  Medical University of Gdansk. Other users need to contact to gain access to uploading data.

User's manual for depositing data (in Polish)

The Open Research Data Catalog MOST Wiedzy is based on a self deposited approach, where the author is responsible for providing the content. Research data is not subject to verification and its quality depends only on its creator, every record is checked for its formal correctness and compliance with the scientific discipline practices and standards. The process of verification is provided by the Open Science Competence Center team. More info about good practices of shearing Open Data can be found

Preservation plan

At present, all datasets uploaded to the repository are categorized for long term storage (without expiration date). In the future, repository may consider changing this policy. It will depend on the number of datasets deposited in the repository and their size. The repository owners may introduce periodic reviews of the use of datasets in terms of uniqueness, the number of views, downloads and quotes and assign the storage category (data retention periods) for each new dataset. A detailed policy will be developed and made available to users before its launch. The minimum time of data storage will not be lesser than 10 years.

All metadata information provided to the Service and associated with the posted resources is released into the "public domain" and can be freely distributed, mixed, and modified without any terms or restrictions (


The Gdańsk University of Technology is fully responsible for the maintenance of the repository.

The specific roles are performed by:

  • IT Services Center at Gdańsk University of Technology - managing the repository from the technical point of view and developing new features;
  • CI TASK - providing secured storage;
  • Gdańsk Tech Library (Open Science Competence Center) – providing support for the users (expertise role) and contribute to the development of the repository features.