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Tensile curve of E grade steel for shipbuilding


In the shipbuilding industry, the risk of brittle fractures developing in constructions is limited by employing certified materials of specific impact strength, determined using the Charpy method (for a given design temperature) and by exercising control over the welding processes (technology qualification, supervision of production, tests of non-destructive character). However, for offshore type constructions, classic shipbuilding requirements may prove insufficient. It is for this reason that regulations employed in constructing offshore structures require conducting CTOD tests for steel and welded joints of thickness exceeding 40 mm in case of high tensile strength steel and greater than 50 mm in case of other steel types.  Since classification societies do not accept results of CTOD tests conducted on specimens of sub-sized dimensions, the problem of theoretical modelling of steel construction destruction process is of key importance, as laboratory tests for notched elements of considerable thickness (100 mm and above) are costly (large-size specimens, difficulties associated with notching) and problems stemming from high loads and wide range of recorded parameters are not uncommon. To prove the influence of sub-size specimens usage, Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis, verified by full scale laboratory tests, were performed. One of the main problem was to evaluate proper material model, containing full plasticity and loss of material stiffens during final stage of its failure. Material model preparation was based on tensile properties of typical steel for marine structures. Dataset contains full tensile test record of steel for shipbuilding, used for material model evaluation.


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