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Analysis of the Application of Horizontal Directional Drilling


Construction works are often considered to be very intrusive for the environment. Project designers assume deep excavations, or a complete replacement of the ground within the investment, which sometimes changes the initial conditions drastically. The problem started to appear in places, where the terrain is complicated and the excavation is burdensome. Some of state authorities do not agree to carry out works by open excavation. Such as crossing the river, running a network under the street in the city center, or a necessity to cross the protected natural area. In a case of linear facilities, it is possible to minimize interference for the natural environment. An example is crossing through a river, where instead of running a network on the bottom, a controlled drilling can be used. Modern technology allows for streamlining of execution works in line with pro-ecological policy.


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World Scientific News no. 135, pages 173 - 187,
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Bratnikow M.: Analysis of the Application of Horizontal Directional Drilling// World Scientific News -Vol. 135, (2019), s.173-187
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