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  • Image projection in Immersive 3D Visualization Laboratory

    In recent years, many centers in the world attempted to build a virtual reality laboratory. The main idea of such laboratory is to allow the user to “immerse” into and move in a computer-generated virtual world. In the paper, the underlying principles of the system of virtual reality (VR) are described. The selected implementations constructed by the research centers of the world are also presented. The cave automatic virtual environment...

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  • Lamp of adjustable spectrum for photographic usage

    Photography is a unique rapidly growing interdisciplinary field encompassing aspects of science, art and technology. Expectations of photographers are steadily increasing with the development of technology. One of the areas playing a crucial role in photography is lighting. Consequently, several types of light sources for photographic use have been developed. The ongoing research in this field concentrates on lamps with tunable...

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  • Analysis of luminance distribution uniformity in CAVE-type virtual reality systems

    In recent years, many scientific and industrial centers in the world developed a virtual reality systems or laboratories. The effect of user “immersion” into virtual reality in such systems is largely dependent of optical properties of the system. In this paper, problems of luminance distribution uniformity in CAVE-type virtual reality systems are analyzed. For better characterization of CAVE luminance nonuniformity corner and...

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