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Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska


Membership in scientific or artistic societies/organisations/institutions

  • Directory of Open Access Journals

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2015-06-26 at position: Associate Editor

  • Early Career Higher Education Researchers ( ECHER)

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2020-06-08 at position: Member

  • Force 11 - The Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2017-10-02 at position: Member

  • IATUL SID-DATA Special Interest Working Group

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2017-09-01 at position: Member

  • Research Data Alliance (RDA)

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2017-10-22 at position: Member

  • The European Association for Work & Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)

    Multinational organisation

    Conducted 2019-05-29 at position: Member

Membership in expert teams

  • Data Stewardship Competence Centers (DSCC)

    GO FAIR, The Netherlands

    Co-develop and share awareness building methods and good practices in FAIR research data stewardship. Jointly evaluate optimal technologies, software, open source code, repositories, etc to build and maintain (an IN connectable) national IT infrastructure also usable within the new generation research workspaces (cloud, FAIR, VRE). Develop and share FAIR metadata templates (generic or discipline-specific), and coordinate this over various disciplines and domains, in close collaboration with international organisations. Jointly develop strategies to deal with data privacy, licensing, security and copyright. Test and feedback to funders on recommendable tooling for FAIR compliant RDS. Jointly develop requirements and skill sets needed and training/education requirements for data stewards. Share and where needed participate in the development of e-learning tools, courses and curricula for professional data stewards. Share and co-develop approved incentives for research data stewardship. Share/compare strategies to make DSCC sustainable in the long-term.

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