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Year 2022
  • Korelacja ujemna : publikacje w MDPI a wskaźnik sukcesu w grantach NCN

    - Forum Akademickie - Year 2022

    Celem niniejszego opracowania jest odpowiedź na pytanie, czy istnieje związek pomiędzy liczbą publikacji w czasopismach wydawnictwa MDPI przypadającą na daną jednostkę naukową, a jej wskaźnikiem sukcesu w konkursach Narodowego Centrum Nauki. W artykule prezentowane są wyniki zestawienia udziału procentowego publikacji MDPI w całkowitej liczbie publikacji danej jednostki naukowej z 2019 r., z jej wskaźnikiem sukcesu w pozyskiwaniu...

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  • The Importance of Demand and Environment for Defining and Establishing the Role of Data Stewards

    - Year 2022

    Data stewardship is now a central part of FAIR research data management. Although various types of positions called data stewards have been created at academic institutions over the last years, no demand-oriented, formal model of data stewardship and the associated roles exist so far. This workshop report presents the outcomes of the panel discussion “The Importance of Demand and Environment for Defining Data Stewardship” held...

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  • Towards Open Research Data in the Economics Discipline

    Nowadays, Open Research Data, as one of the three pillars of Open Science (along with Open Access and Open Scholarly Communication), is gaining enormous attention from different academic and commercial environments. A wide range of scientific disciplines represent and produce different types of data and at the same time, gather different issues and problems in terms of sharing and dissemination research output. This chapter aims...

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Year 2014
  • Scholarly communication activities in the fields of chemistry and economics. A Polish perspective

    - Year 2014

    This study examines the scholarly communication activities in two scientific fields, chemistry and economics, in a Polish context. The dissertation aims at investigating what characterises the publishing choices of researchers and what supplementary forms for the dissemination of research output are used by scholars. In addition, the paper is looking into what are the views and awareness of open access and institutional repositories...

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