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Aiming at methods’ wider adoption: Applicability determinants and metrics


Numerous computer science methods and techniques have been proposed by the scientific community. However, depending on the domain, only their minor fraction has met wider adoption. This paper brings attention to the concept of applicability - the notion that is well acknowledged in the scientific field but have not been analysed with respect to determinants, metrics and systematisation. The primary objective of the study was to identify applicability determinants and metrics and consolidate them into a taxonomy, based on a systematic process. To achieve the objective, a methodological literature review supported with operationalisation activities were applied. As a result, more than thirty descriptors of applicability were introduced in the proposed applicability taxonomy, and a similar number of metrics has been elicited. Based on them, a questionnaire for evaluation of the method's applicability was created and applied to the evaluation of a currently developed cybersecurity risk assessment method that aims at broader market uptake. The analysis provided indications on its further developments, but also findings of a more universal character.


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Published in:
Computer Science Review no. 40,
ISSN: 1574-0137
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Leszczyna R.: Aiming at methods’ wider adoption: Applicability determinants and metrics// Computer Science Review -Vol. 40, (2021), s.100387-
Digital Object Identifier (open in new tab) 10.1016/j.cosrev.2021.100387
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Gdańsk University of Technology

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