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  • 2018

  • Atmospheric opacity estimation based on IWV derived from GNSS observations for VLBI applications

    - GPS SOLUTIONS - 2018

    Thermal emission of atmospheric water vapor has a great influence on the calibration of radio astronomical observations at millimeter wavelengths. The phenomenon of an atmospheric water vapor emits noise signal and attenuates astronomical emission. At 22 GHz, integrated water vapor (IWV) obtained from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) is strictly related to atmospheric opacity (τ0), which is a crucial parameter for data...

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  • 2003

  • A strategy for GPS data processing in a precise local network during high solar activity

    - GPS SOLUTIONS - 2003

    This paper presents the analyses connected with reduction of errors from ionospheric refraction using GPS data from local satellite networks. This is particularly essential during rising solar activity. The Bernese GPS Software v. 4.2 was used, as an analytical tool. The test data included measurements from a geodynamic network SUDETES situated in the Sudety Mountains across the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. A local...

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