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Magnetic flux leakage signals of far side defects measured with different velocities


The dataset contains raw signals measured with the use of the magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technique. Linear Hall effect sensors A1324 were used to measure magnetic flux leakage. Three voltage signals were measured: Bx sensor output, Bz1 sensor output, and difference of Bz1 and Bz2 outputs. An output of a Bx sensor was directly proportional to the tangential (horizontal) component of the MFL while an output of a Bz1 sensor was directly proportional to the normal (vertical) component of the MFL. A differential signal (Bz1Bz2), that was proportional to the slope of Bz distribution measured along the x direction, is hereafter referred to as the gradient. The measurement module comprised of ten channels for each aforementioned signal component. Each channel is responsible for scanning adjacent measurement lines parallel to x axis. Therefore, the measurement module in general enables to obtain a 2D distribution of the MFL.

The object under investigation was a plate made of 18G2A (S355) steel grade. Four artificial defects were milled on one of plate surfaces. The defects had the form of slots of different depths (2, 4, 6, and 8 mm). The thickness of the plate was equal to 10 mm. Eight scans of the surface opposite to defected one were performed. Therefore, the defects are referred to as located on the far side.

Files numbered  from 1 to 8 were obtained with different velocities. Each file consists of 31 columns. First ten columns represent 10 channels of Bx component. Similarly, columns from 11 to 20 contain Bz1 voltage signals. Next 10 columns (21-30) contain information about the gradient. Finally, the last column represents the digital output of an encoder, what can be used to calculate displacement as well as velocity of the MFL module. One step of the encoder equals to 0.115 mm. The sampling frequency for all measurements was equal to 30 kHz.

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