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Algorithms of chemicals detection using raman spectra


Raman spectrometers are devices which enable fast and non-contact identification of examined chemicals. These devices utilize the Raman phenomenon to identify unknown and often illicit chemicals (e.g. drugs, explosives)without the necessity of their preparation. Now, Raman devices can be portable and therefore can be more widely used to improve security at public places. Unfortunately, Raman spectra measurements is a challenge due to noise and interferences present outside the laboratories. The design of a portable Raman spectrometerdeveloped at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, Gdansk University of Technology is presented. The paper outlines sources of interferences present in Raman spectra measurements and signalprocessing techniques required to reduce their influence (e.g. background removal, spectra smoothing). Finally,the selected algorithms for automated chemicals classification are presented. The algorithms compare themeasured Raman spectra with a reference spectra library to identify the sample. Detection efficiency of thesealgorithms is discussed and directions of further research are outlined.

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Metrology and Measurement Systems nr XVII, strony 549 - 560,
ISSN: 0860-8229
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Kwiatkowski A., Smulko J., Gnyba M., Wierzba P.: Algorithms of chemicals detection using raman spectra// Metrology and Measurement Systems. -Vol. XVII, nr. 4 (2010), s.549-560
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