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Analysis of IMS/NGN call processing performance using phase-type distributions


This work is a continuation of our research on the traffic model dedicated for design and analysis of the Next Generation Network (NGN), which is standardized for distribution of current and future multimedia services based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). Our analytical and simulation models allow evaluation of mean Call Set-up Delay E(CSD) as well as mean Call Disengagement Delay E(CDD) in a single domain of IMS/NGN. Ensuring proper values of these call processing performance metrics, formerly known as Grade of Service (GoS) parameters, is very important for satisfaction of users and commercial success of IMS/NGN. In this work we investigate possibilities of improving conformity of the analytical and simulation model. For this reason we perform calculations using PH/PH/1 queuing systems, in which message inter-arrival and inter-departure times are described by phase-type distributions. The obtained analytical results are compared to our previous queuing approaches (M/G/1 systems and approximations of G/G/1 based on two or three moments of arrival distribution and two moments of service distribution) and also verified by a simulation model, which precisely implements the operation (algorithms) of all network elements. As a consequence, conclusions and necessary future work with the presented traffic model are provided.

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Network Architecture and Applications strony 23 - 39
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Kaczmarek S., Sac M.: Analysis of IMS/NGN call processing performance using phase-type distributions// Network Architecture and Applications/ ed. A. Grzech, L. Borzemski, J. Świątek, Z. Wilimowska Wrocław: Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Wrocławskiej, 2013, s.23-39
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