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Fault diagnosing system of wheeled tractors


A defect of complex wheeled tractor assembles most frequently negative influence on exploitation efficiency, safety and exhaust gases emission. Structure complexity of wheeled tractors requires more and more advanced diagnostic methods for identification of their serviceable possibilities as well in manufacturing step as in exploitation. In classical diagnosing methods of wheeled tractor defects states mapping by measured diagnostic parameters of different symptoms: operation’s efficiency, thermal state, vibrations, leak proof etc is applied. Diagnoses quality depends on knowledge level of defect mapping by diagnostic parameters. During realization of research projects occurring great disparity between data achieved from analytic models and from exploitation tests is indicated. In the elaboration mixed approach is applied connecting rule knowledge with phenomena knowledge about wheeled tractor defects, achieved from analytic (model), simulations and exploitations tests. Correctness are recognized, i.e. relationships and connections between occurring phenomena in destruction process of wheeled tractors, which we can assign features of stability, significance and necessity, what constitutes about fault diagnostics. Aspiration of the authors was dissemination relatively new and original information techniques and methods of diagnostic relation creations and on this base to elaborate mechatronic diagnostic system of wheeled tractor. The proposed set of diagnostic methods based on application on-line diagnosing of wheeled tractor and simultaneously (parallel) measurement of some chosen diagnostic signals, to reduce diagnoses’ risk and to create trustworthy database about critical faults and essential for operation, safety and emission of wheeled tractor. In the elaboration modern technical solutions of wheeled tractors, applied monitoring, diagnostic devices, used methods and diagnostic models are presented. Application of board networks especially CANS networks with DeviceNet and CANopen protocols are shown. Developed hardware structure of mechatronic diagnostic system and developed software is described. Operation of the diagnostic system by registered plots of chosen diagnostic signals is illustrated.

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Arendt R., Michalski R.: Fault diagnosing system of wheeled tractors. Saarbrucken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2015. 115 s. ISBN 978-3-659-37473-9
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