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Health monitoring services based on off-the-shelf mobile devices


Development of health monitoring systems usually involves usage of dedicated devices with provided guarantees in terms of their reliability. Those devices raise the cost of the whole system, because of which such platforms are limited only to specific areas and constrained number of users. Usage of off-the- shelf devices could lower the cost and bring those systems to the masses. The paper covers possible uses of common off-the-shelf mobile device in the scope of health monitoring. Two use cases utilizing modern smartphones and their typical set of built-in sensors are presented as examples of possible health monitoring services. Presented work was implemented as part of Integration- Oriented Method of Application Development with High Dependability Requirements research project. High level of security and acceptable level of reliability has been achieved.

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Korłub W.: Health monitoring services based on off-the-shelf mobile devices// Proceedings in Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference ; The 2nd Electronic International Interdisciplinary Conference/ ed. Ing. Michal Mokryš; Ing. Štefan Badura, Ph.D.; Ing. Anton Lieskovský, Ph.D. Žilina: EDIS - Publishing Institution of the University of Zilina, 2013, s.482-484
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