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Knowledge Exchange Between KIBS Firms and Their Clients: Case Study Analysis


Purpose: This paper aims to analyse knowledge exchange between KIBS firms and their clients, and their potential determinants (e.g. client’s education, type of the service offered, channel of the knowledge exchange, and willingness of the customer to accept the knowledge). The paper is based on a literature analysis and a case study research, examining 5 KIBS firms located in the Pomeranian region in Poland. Methodology: On the basis of a literature analysis on KM and KIBS companies, the following research question was formulated: What are the determinants of a knowledge exchange between a KIBS firm and its client? To answer this question, five case studies from KIBS companies of various sizes and offering various services have been examined. Findings: The results of the study show that there are different determinants of knowledge exchange between a KIBS firm and its customer. First of all, the type of service delivered is one of these factors. For example, if a KIBS firm delivers a standard solution, not tailored to the needs of the customer, there is no need for an intensive knowledge exchange. Conversely, if the KIBS service is adjusted for fitting the needs of a customer and is customized, then an intensive knowledge exchange takes place. Second, the openness of the customer is the next determinant. If the customer wants to learn and absorb knowledge, the knowledge exchange process is easier. Third, the channel of knowledge exchange is also determinant. If there are good conditions for free flows of ideas and discussions, knowledge exchange is more abundant. Another determinant appeared to be the education background of the customer. Research limitations: Research results are limited to five companies only, all located in Poland. As such, they cannot illustrate the whole picture of existing small companies, nor they cover the companies of other countries. Practical implications: The findings of both literature review and case study analysis indicate that there are several factors that KIBS firms should focus on, if they want to improve knowledge exchanges with their customers. Originality/value: The paper contributes to a better understanding of knowledge exchange processes occurring in a trade relationship between KIBS firms and their customers. It shows why and when this kind of exchange is crucial and what factors can influence it.


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Zięba M., Bolisani E., Scarso E.: Knowledge Exchange Between KIBS Firms and Their Clients: Case Study Analysis// / : , 2019,
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