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Raman miniaturised system for field applications


Raman spectroscopy is a powerful and versatile research technique with a broad range of potential applications, which includes laboratory studies, on-line industrial process monitoring and field measurements. Scope of the field applications includes environment monitoring, detection of dangerous or prohibited materials and rapid identification of unknown samples. It stimulates development of dedicated Raman measurement equipment having small size and weigtht, low supply voltage and reduced power consumption as well as robust construction without moving parts. Moreover, equipment should be affordable and user interface should be accepted even by semiskilled personnel. In this paper selected problems of development of the portable Raman spectrometer and its usage in out-door applications are presented. Model of the portable system using two lasers: 785 nm and 355 nm, was set up and used for preliminary measurements, which were carried out for selected chemicals in order to find out if sensitivity and resolution of the system are sufficient for wider groups of materials. Also problems referred to Raman signals acquisition through packages as well as influence of interfering signals were investigated.

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IMEKO TC2 Symposium on Photonics in Measurements strony 106 - 111
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Gnyba M., Smulko J., Wierzba P., Kwiatkowski A.: Raman miniaturised system for field applications// IMEKO TC2 Symposium on Photonics in Measurements/ : , 2010, s.106-111
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