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The shallow sea experiment with usage of linear hydrophone array


Purpose of this article is to present designed and made linear hydrophone array and the results obtained during in situ trails on Gulf of Gdańsk. The measuring system allowed to localize hydrophones in the selected points and perform measurements in both the horizontal antenna positioning and vertical. Made in this way recordings allow creating accurate 3D imaging of sound intensity/propagation. During research three floating objects were measured: small ship (18 meters long), yacht (12 meters long) and 5 meters pontoon with engine and paddles used to drive. In the article accurately will be described the entire measurement system and complementary devices (navigation system, sound speed profiler, online underwater monitoring to control linear antenna position) and procedures used during in situ measurement circuit check and calibration using Lubell Underwater Speaker with amplifier and connected generator with set of reference signals. Characteristic arrangement of sensors allows use of hyperbolic navigation algorithms which results will be presented with an emphasis on measurements when the unit performed circulation around the measurement system. Furthermore some spectrograms, cross correlations and frequency classification dependence of the speed using a prepared script in Matlab programming environment will be discussed and presented.

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Grelowska G., Kozaczka E., Gloza I., Kozaczka S.: The shallow sea experiment with usage of linear hydrophone array// Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics/ : Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics,, 2013, s.1-9
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