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Budynek A Elektroniki
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  • Reliability of Pulse Measurements in Videoplethysmography

    Reliable, remote pulse rate measurement is potentially very important for medical diagnostics and screening. In this paper the Videoplethysmography was analyzed especially to verify the possible use of signals obtained for the YUV color model in order to estimate the pulse rate, to examine what is the best pulse estimation method for short video sequences and finally, to analyze how potential PPG-signals can be distinguished from...

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  • Color Processing for Color-Blind Individuals Using Smart Glasses

    In this paper we investigated image processing methods for color-blind individuals. In particular we experimentally verified color naming procedure, generation of maps with color perception differences for average observers and for dichromats, and two color transformation methods. In experiments 7 mobile devices were used: 3 smart glasses and 4 smartphones. User studies were performed with 38 average observers and 9 dichromats....

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  • Interaction with medical data using QR-codes

    Bar-codes and QR-codes (Quick Response ) are often used in healthcare. In this paper an application of QR-codes to exchange of laboratory results is presented. The secure data exchange is proposed between a laboratory and a patient and between a patient and Electronic Health Records. Advanced Encryption Standard was used to provide security of data encapsulated within a QR-code. The experimental setup, named labSeq is described....

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