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  • Expedited EM-Driven Design of Miniaturized Microwave Hybrid Couplers Using Surrogate-Based Optimization

    - Year 2017

    Miniaturization of microwave hybrid couplers is important for contemporary wireless communication engineering. Using standard computer-aided design methods for development of compact structures is extremely challenging due to a general lack of computationally efficient and accurate simulation models. Poor accuracy of available equivalent circuits results from neglecting parasitic cross-couplings that greatly affect the performance...

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Year 2016
  • Computationally Efficient Design Optimization of Compact Microwave and Antenna Structures

    - Year 2016

    Miniaturization is one of the important concerns of contemporary wireless communication systems, especially regarding their passive microwave components, such as filters, couplers, power dividers, etc., as well as antennas. It is also very challenging, because adequate performance evaluation of such components requires full-wave electromagnetic (EM) simulation, which is computationally expensive. Although high-fidelity EM analysis...

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  • Fast surrogate-assisted simulation-driven design of compact microwave hybrid couplers

    This work presents a robust methodology for expedited simulation-driven design optimization of compact microwave hybrid couplers. The technique relies on problem decomposition, and a bot-tom–up design strategy, starting from the level of basic building blocks of the coupler, and finishing with a tuning procedure that exploits a fast surrogate model of the entire structure. The latter is constructed by cascading local response surface...

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  • Rapid multi-objective design optimisation of compact microwave couplers by means of physics-based surrogates
    • S. Koziel
    • A. Bekasiewicz
    • P. Kurgan
    • J. W. Bandler

    - IET Microwaves Antennas & Propagation - Year 2016

    The authors introduce a methodology for fast multi-objective design optimisation of miniaturised microwave couplers. The approach exploits the surrogate-based optimisation paradigm with an underlying low-fidelity model constructed from an equivalent circuit of the structure under consideration, corrected through implicit and frequency space mapping. A fast prediction tool obtained this way is subsequently optimised by a multi-objective...

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Year 2015
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Year 2013
  • A CMRC-based compact rat-race coupler with harmonic suppression

    In this paper, an eective miniaturization technique exploiting compact microstrip resonant cells has been discussed and experimentally validated on the basis of a 3-dB microstrip rat-race coupler. The application of the method proposed has resulted in 91 % circuit area reduction in comparison to a conventional rat-race coupler. Experimental results show good agreement with theoretical characteristics, as well as an additional eect,...

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