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Centrum Transferu Wiedzy i Technologii
Al. Zwycięstwa 27, 80-219 Gdańsk
+48 58 348 62 62

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  • Design of a microrobotic wrist for needle laparoscopic surgery

    The paper addresses the design of a micro wrist for needle laparoscopic surgery (needlescopy) using MEMS technology and an original 3 degree of freedom, 3D architecture. Advancement in needlescopy drives the development of multi-dof micro-tools 1-2mmin diameter with 3D mobility but standard available fabricationtechniques are for 2.5D structures. The paper discusses thedevelopment steps and design solutions for the realization...

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  • A New Rehabilitation Device for Balance Impaired Individuals

    - 2019

    In the paper authors present a device designed to improve the rehabilitation process of people with balance impairment. The discussed device (JStep) utilizes a commercially available static standing frame (stander) modified in order to fit force sensing units under the feet and in the pillows around the hips of a patient. While executing rehabilitation tasks, the patient may compensate his balance deficiency by leaning on the pillows...

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  • FEX a Fingers Extending eXoskeleton for Rehabilitation and Regaining Mobility

    - 2018

    This paper presents the design process of an exoskeleton for executing human fingers’ extension movement for the rehabilitation procedures and as an active orthosis purposes. The Fingers Extending eXoskeleton (FEX) is a serial, under-actuated mechanism capable of executing fingers’ extension. The proposed solution is easily adaptable to any finger length or position of the joints. FEX is based on the state-of-art FingerSpine serial...

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Uzyskane stopnie/tytuły naukowe

  • 2010-06-23

    Nadanie stopnia naukowego

    dr inż. Budowa i eksploatacja maszyn (Dziedzina nauk technicznych)

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