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  • Analytical method of modelling the geometric system of communication route

    The paper presents a new analytical approach to modelling the curvature of a communication route by making use of differential equations. The method makes it possible to identify both linear and nonlinear curvature. It enables us to join curves of the same or opposite signs of curvature. Solutions of problems for linear change of curvature and selected variants of nonlinear curvature in polynomial and trigonometric form were analyzed....

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  • Design of reverse curves adapted to the satellite measurements

    The paper presents a new method for designing railway route in the direction change area adapted to the Mobile Satellite Measurements technique. The method may be particularly useful in the situations when both tangents cannot be connected in an elementary way using a circular arc with transition curves. Thus, the only solution would be the application of two circular arcs of opposite curvature signs, that is, the use of an inverse...

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  • Computer-aided evaluation of the railway track geometry on the basis of satellite measurements

    In recent years, all over the world there has been a period of intensive development of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) measurement techniques and their extension for the purpose of their applications in the field of surveying and navigation. Moreover, in many countries a rising trend in the development of rail transportation systems has been noticed. In this paper, a method of railway track geometry assessment based...

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