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  • Sensorless predictive control of three-phase parallel active filter

    The paper presents the control system of parallel active power filter (APF) with predictive reference current calculation and model based predictive current control. The novel estimator and predictor of grid emf is proposed for AC voltage sensorless operation of APF, regardless of distortion of this voltage. Proposed control system provides control of APF current with high precision and dynamics limited only by filter circuit parameters....

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  • Accurate Computation of IGBT Junction Temperature in PLECS

    In the article, a new method to improve the accuracy of the insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) junction temperature computations in the piecewise linear electrical circuit simulation (PLECS) software is proposed and described in detail. This method allows computing the IGBT junction temperature using a nonlinear compact thermal model of this device in PLECS. In the method, a nonlinear compact thermal model of the IGBT is...

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  • Unidirectional DC/DC Converter with Voltage Inverter for Fast Charging of Electric Vehicle Batteries

    - ENERGIES - Rok 2020

    The paper proposes the adaptation of the industrial plant’s power network to supply electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging converters (above 300 kW) using renewable energy sources (RESs). A 600 V DC microgrid was used to supply energy from RESs for the needs of variable speed motor drives and charging of EV batteries. It has been shown that it is possible to support the supply of drive voltage frequency converters (VFCs) and charging...

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