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Rok 2015
  • Multiscaled Hybrid Features Generation for AdaBoost Object Detection

    This work presents the multiscaled version of modified census features in graphical objects detection with AdaBoost cascade training algorithm. Several experiments with face detector training process demonstrate better performance of such features over ordinal census and Haar-like approaches. The possibilities to join multiscaled census and Haar features in single hybrid cascade of strong classifiers are also elaborated and tested....

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Rok 2012
  • Modeling of Human Tissue for Medical Purposes

    The paper describes the possibilities offered for medicine by modeling of human tissue using virtual and augmented reality. It also presents three proposals of breast modeling for the use in clinical practice. These proposals are the result of arrangements of medical and computer scientists team (the authors) and will be pursued and implemented in the near future. There is included also a brief description of the most popular methods...

Rok 2006

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