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  • Optimizing FSO networks resilient to adverse weather conditions by means of enhanced uncertainty sets

    - Optical Switching and Networking - Rok 2021

    This work deals with dimensioning of wireless mesh networks (WMN) composed of FSO (free space optics) links. Although FSO links realize broadband transmission at low cost, their drawback is sensitivity to adverse weather conditions causing transmission degradation on multiple links. Hence, designing such FSO networks requires an optimization model to find the cheapest configuration of link capacities that will be able to carry...

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  • Enhancing Resilience of FSO Networks to Adverse Weather Conditions

    - IEEE Access - Rok 2021

    Optical wireless networks realized by means of gigabit optical wireless communication (OWC) systems are becoming, in a variety of applications, an important alternative, or a complementary solution, to their fiber-based counterparts. However, performance of the OWC systems can be considerably degraded in periods of unfavorable weather conditions, such as heavy fog, which temporarily reduce the effective capacity of the network....

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