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Patrycja Klimas is an associate professor at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business in the Department of Advanced Research in Management. As a researcher, she researches within strategic management, focused on inter-organizational cooperation and coopetition considered under dyads, networks, and different types of ecosystems. Based on her research mainly on the aviation and the video game industry, she published several papers in the ranked journals (Long Range Planning, Industrial Marketing Management, Review of Managerial Science, European Management Review). She co-organizes the track on Coopetition-Ecosystems-Networks-Alliances at the annual EURAM Conferences. Holder of the scholarship for outstanding young researches awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2016-2019). In 2021 award by the Minister of Education and Science for the scientific achievements in 2020, including the publication of a monograph significant for the development of science, entitled Relationships of co-creation of innovation. The context of the gaming ecosystem.

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