Wspólny magisterski program nauczania z zakresu ITS na uczelniach Uzbekistanu - Projekt - MOST Wiedzy


Wspólny magisterski program nauczania z zakresu ITS na uczelniach Uzbekistanu

objective of the project is to create an infrastructure and system for training new generation of engineers in ITS. These engineers will be able to solve local and regional Transport challenges of public administration institutions, industries and private consumption in Uzbekistan. This objective is achieved by creating a new MSc program with complete curricula at the faculty of Engineering of AMBI, JPI, TARI, TerSU, TIRE and TUIT. Main outcomes of the project will be a Full Master of Science curriculum with 12 courses compatible with European standards in ECTS; fully functional and well equipped 6 Intellectual Transport labs with all tools for analyses and experiments in the area; Uzbek professors, teachers with newly gained skills in ITS; Growth of interest amongst specialists of industries and public administration institutions and the society in general in retraining and updating their skills. MHSSE, PTTC and ARTD from Jizzakh region will participate in the project and get their professionals trained and contribute with their day-to-day practical issues for studies and analyses.

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Akronim projektu:
Program finansujący:
The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA)
586292-EPP-1-2017-1-PL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP z dnia 2017-12-20
Okres realizacji:
2017-10-15 - 2020-10-14
Kierownik projektu:
dr hab. inż. Joanna Żukowska
Członkowie zespołu:
Realizowany w:
Katedra Inżynierii Drogowej i Transportowej
Instytucje zewnętrzne
biorące udział w projekcie:
  • Linkoping University (Szwecja)
  • Tashkent Institute of Railways Engineering (Uzbekistan)
  • Tashkent Institute of Design, Construction and Maintenance of Automotive Roads (Uzbekistan)
  • Andijan Machine Building Institute (Uzbekistan)
  • Adria Klagenfurt University (Austria)
  • Termez State University (Uzbekistan)
  • Tashkent University of Information Technologies (Uzbekistan)
  • Jizzakh Polytechnic Institute (Uzbekistan)
Wartość projektu:
814 635.00 EUR
Typ zgłoszenia:
Międzynarodowy Program Edukacyjny
Projekt zagraniczny/międzynarodowy
Politechnika Gdańska


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