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A detector of sleep disorders for using at home


Obstructive sleep apnea usually requires all-ni ght examination in a specialized clinic, under the supervision of a medical staff. Because of those requirements it is an expensive and a non-widely utilized test. Moving the examination procedure to patients’ home with automatic analysis algorithms involved will decrease the costs and make it available for larger group of patients. The developed device allows all-night recordings of the following biosignals: three channels ECG, thoracic impedance (respiration), snoring sound sand larynx vibrations. Additional information, like patient’s body position changes and electrodes’ attachment quality are estimated as well. The reproducible and high quality signals are obtained using the developed and unobtrusive device.

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Opublikowano w:
Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology strony 70 - 78,
ISSN: 1509-4553
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Przystup P., Bujnowski A., Rumiński J., Wtorek J.: A detector of sleep disorders for using at home// Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology. -., nr. 2 (2014), s.70-78
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