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A New Rehabilitation Device for Balance Impaired Individuals


In the paper authors present a device designed to improve the rehabilitation process of people with balance impairment. The discussed device (JStep) utilizes a commercially available static standing frame (stander) modified in order to fit force sensing units under the feet and in the pillows around the hips of a patient. While executing rehabilitation tasks, the patient may compensate his balance deficiency by leaning on the pillows around his hips. Information about weight distribution between left and right leg together with the information about the force applied to the pillows supporting the patient's body is further presented on a display in front of the patient. Such a setup allows physicians to work with the patient while having direct information about compensation necessary for completing a task or gives the patient a visual biofeedback about how well he is doing the exercise. The system is based on an ATmega controller, load cells and analogue amplifiers. In this framework a case study is presented of a 16 y.o. patient with Cerebral Palsy affecting his cerebellum, labelled as ataxic Cerebral Palsy. Two exercise scenarios utilizing the proposed device are discussed and results of a 6-week exercise are further presented. They show a decrease in necessary compensation in order to maintain a standing posture as well as a better accuracy in achieving the desired force distribution between right and left leg while standing upright.


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Sieklicki W., Barański R., Grocholski S., Matejek P., Dyrda M., Klepacki K.: A New Rehabilitation Device for Balance Impaired Individuals// Proceedings of the 12th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies - Volume 1: BIODEVICES/ : , 2019, s.26-35
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.5220/0007374300260035
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