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BPL-PLC Voice Communication System for the Oil and Mining Industry


Application of a high-efficiency voice communication systems based on broadband over power line-power line communication (BPL-PLC) technology in medium voltage networks, including hazardous areas (like the oil and mining industry), as a redundant mean of wired communication (apart from traditional fiber optics and electrical wires) can be beneficial. Due to the possibility of utilizing existing electrical infrastructure, it can significantly reduce deployment costs. Additionally, it can be applied under difficult conditions, thanks to battery-powered devices. During an emergency situation (e.g., after coal dust explosion), the medium voltage cables are resistant to mechanical damage, providing a potentially life-saving communication link between the supervisor, rescue team, paramedics, and the trapped personnel. The assessment of such a system requires a comprehensive and accurate examination, including a number of factors. Therefore, various models were tested, considering: different transmission paths and types of coupling (inductive and capacitive), as well as various lengths of transmitted data packets. Next, a subjective quality evaluation study was carried out, considering speech signals from a number of languages (English, German, and Polish). Based on the obtained results, including both simulations and measurements, appropriate practical conclusions were formulated. Results confirmed the applicability of BPL-PLC technology as an efficient voice communication system for the oil and mining industry.


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Debita G., Falkowski-Gilski P., Habrych M., Wiśniewski G., Miedziński B., Jedlikowski P., Waniewska A., Wandzio J., Polnik B.: BPL-PLC Voice Communication System for the Oil and Mining Industry// ENERGIES -Vol. 13,iss. 18 (2020), s.4763-
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.3390/en13184763
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