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Diver Observations by Means of Acoustic Methods


Searching for objects, especially small ones, moving under water near its the free surface, is always not an easy task. Designing tools for the detection of such targets is a real challenge when the possibility of a terrorist attack is a real threat. This paper presents some aspects of diver detection by means of acoustics methods, both active (side scan sonar) and passive ones (linear receiving antenna). This approach is quite eective because divers can use both breathing apparatus operating in the closed-loop (so-called rebreathers), and popular open-circuit breathing (exhalation of used air or a breathing gas mixture into the water).

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Opublikowano w:
ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A nr 123, strony 1098 - 1100,
ISSN: 0587-4246
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Kozaczka E., Grelowska G., Kozaczka S.: Diver Observations by Means of Acoustic Methods// ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A. -Vol. 123, nr. 6 (2013), s.1098-1100
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