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How to fund an additional secular function in the monumental church?


The implementation of a new public function into the non-used church spaces like attics or cellars in context of revitalizing a lawfully protected historical city areas have diversified aspects. The article describes the financial aspect of adaptation of omitted spaces of monumental sacral buildings by presenting funding possibilities in the European Union countries available in period of 2017-2018 and the funds planned for the future. The founds were identified in four types: as sources divided within the EU Community, as founds derived from national or regional authorities, as local funds of the city and the independent individual private references. The results of the research indicate the requirements and restrictions imposed in the process of applying for each type of the grants. The article focuses on the non-used churches' attics funding conditions in Poland since the issue is yet controversial and the potential financial limitations are often abused to thwart adaptation's successful realization. The article provides guidance on acquiring essential funds for institutions and organizations involved in the revitalization of historic sacral objects to carry out designing and implementation activities successfully.


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Piątkowska K..: How to fund an additional secular function in the monumental church?, W: , 2018, ,.
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.5593/sgemsocial2018/5.3/s21.037
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