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Kształtowanie mikrośrodowiska jako miejsca wspólnoty.


The work concerns the field of architecture and covers shaping housing environment. It is an attempt to reactivate a category of neighbourly community and present it from a new perspective, namely as an effect of a conscious cooperation of the architect and future inhabitants. Its essence is the idea of microenvironment, perceived as a place of housing community. The following are involved:- application of the idea of the place as a basic level of organizing socio-spatial structures in sustainable architectural design,- presentation of the idea of a community-shaped housing environment,- reliance of shaping housing microenvironment upon adequate to the situation, environmentally-friendly solutions (cultural patterns of nature).Such implied microenvironment is conducive to building the feeling of subjectiveness, identity and co-responsibility for environment among inhabitants, and influences the liveness of neighbourhood and improving quality of living.The work consist of six parts.The first part is an introduction, which covers the subject, scope, assumptions, aims, method and structure of the work. It presents the state of research, which is continued and detailed in the following parts.The second part is dedicated to theoretical concept of microenvironment as a community place. It involves the analysis of the concept of community and place, considering their importance in various fields. Next, a synthetic idea of microenvironment is presented, being the basis for further practical-methodological deliberations.The third part covers various ideas of microenvironment and their historical-cultural determinants. A description of contemporary forms of shaping microenvironment involves a division into shaping community by design, by action and integrated community shaping by both design and action (characteristic for the idea of cohousing). Next, a Polish context of shaping the microenvironment is presented. This part also includes deliberation on utopia and heterotopia regarding the raised issues.The fourth part represents an attempt to answer the question of how to shape the microenvironment, namely it is dedicated to the process of origin and method of forming the microenvironment. It covers the specific character of shaping the community estate space, methodological design approach and a wider, off-design aspect referred to functioning of social groups.The fifth part includes a presentation of case studies, while the sixth one contains conclusions.Shaping microenvironment as a community place is an interdisciplinary issue which goes beyond strictly architectural matters. Therefore the work involves wide reference to humanities-related output (sociology, social pedagogics or psychology).

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Idem R.: Kształtowanie mikrośrodowiska jako miejsca wspólnoty.. Gdańsk: Wydaw. PG, 2012.242 s. ISBN 978-83-7348-442-9
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