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Modeling of lapping plate wear and conditioning in single-sided lapping


In order to achieve higher quality on worked surfaces with lower roughness, very high accuracy of shape and dimensions it is crucial to improve conventional finishing technologies and to develop new working principles. Single-sided lapping is one of the most effective planarization technologies and it is determined by a number of factors and boundary conditions. The most significant influence over a dimensional and profile accuracy, as well as over a surface quality of a workpiece has the lapping plate. Moreover, it could be established that workpieces are machined to a mirror image of the tool with respect to the flatness. Since, the wear of the lapping plate is not constant over the diameter, it does not remain flat and causes the following shape errors: convexity, concavity and axial runout. Hence, it is crucial to maintain proper conditions of process, control the flatness and condition the tool, when it is necessary. This paper presents a comprehensive study of the materials removal mechanisms in abrasives process. The model of lapping plate wear in single-sided lapping were created and in detail analyzed. Matlab program was designed to simulate the abrasive particles trajectories and to count their distribution. It was observed, that a trajectories distribution of abrasive particles on the lapping plate varies when the running parameters and kinematics of conditioning ring movements are changed. Recommended kinematic parameter settings of single-sided lapping process were presented. Finally, the results of the simulation were compared with the results of experimental research.

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XXIII. International Symposium Research-Education-Technology strony 9 - 14
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Barylski A., Piotrowski N.: Modeling of lapping plate wear and conditioning in single-sided lapping// XXIII. International Symposium Research-Education-Technology/ ed. prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Meironke Stralsund: , 2017, s.9-14
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