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  • Measurements of the Hydraulic Fluids Compressibility

    - 2021

    Performance of the hydrostatic high-pressure drive systems is affected by the changes of working fluid’s volume. Presence of air bubbles in the fluid cause this problem to be even more serious. To study this phenomenon precise measurements of fluid’s bulk modulus are necessary. Differ-ent measurement methods are applied, but they are either limited to low pressure range or give inaccurate results. To solve the problem the new...

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  • Metabolomic and antioxidant properties of different varieties and origins of Dragon fruit


    Dragon fruit has appealed much concern from consumers as a novelty fruit with potent nutritional and medicinal benefits. Dragon fruit quality warrants comprehensive evaluation, based on the contents of pigments and health- promoting natural compounds in different varieties. This study was aimed to evaluate the differences among dragon fruit varieties extracted with methanol–water (CD3OD-D2O) and methanol (CD3OD) by proton nuclear magnetic...

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  • Modelling of shear zones during quasi-static granular silo flow using material point method (MPM)

    The paper focuses on confined silo flow of cohesionless sand. The problem considered is a quasi-static flow in a plane strain model silo with parallel walls simulated with the material point method (MPM). The simulation used a non-local hypoplastic constitutive model. Initially, the paper validated the implemented numerical approach with basic element tests and a plane strain compression test. The subsequent MPM calculations for...

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