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Modern Material Solutions Applied in Pediatric Facilities


New tendencies in forming of the health services functional buildings’ systems shaped along with the emergence of caring for patient’s mental condition in medical sciences. The interior design harmonized with the medical function became an incredibly important feature. This opened up new opportunities for the architecture of health care facilities. A positive architecture’s impact on the user’s well-being is remarkably important in the case of medical care units for youngest patients. For children contacts with clinics and hospitals implies the stress of separation from family and home environment as well as the fear of medical procedures that cause pain. Properly shaped space allows for the reduction of negative experiences linked with staying in a medical institution. It is worth looking at the contemporary material solutions that allow for the fulfillment of the required sanitary and hygienic standards, enabling at the same time to realize bold visions of pediatric medical facilities’ designers.


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artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
Opublikowano w:
Architecture Civil Engineering Environment nr 11, wydanie 2, strony 13 - 24,
ISSN: 1899-0142
Rok wydania:
Opis bibliograficzny:
Gębczyńska-Janowicz A., Konarzewska B.: Modern Material Solutions Applied in Pediatric Facilities// Architecture Civil Engineering Environment. -Vol. 11., iss. 2 (2018), s.13-24
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.21307/acee-2018-018
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