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Multibeam sonar data processing for seafloor characterisation


The approach to seafloor characterisation was investigated. It relies on calculation of several descriptors (parameters) related to seabed type using three types of multibeam sonar data obtained during seafloor sensing: 1) the grey-level sonar images of seabed, 2) the 3D model of the seabed surface which consist of (x, y, z) points, 3) the set of time domain echo envelopes corresponding to several beams. The proposed method has been tested using field data records acquired from several bottom types in the Gulf of Gdańsk region and the promising results have been reported. This paper presents and discusses several techniques of processing the calculated descriptors in the context of their use in seabed classification. Namely, the calculating the standard deviation of the descriptors for small subsets of data, as well as the application of the Principal Component Analysis procedure (PCA) was investigated.

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Łubniewski Z.: Multibeam sonar data processing for seafloor characterisation // OSA'11 - 58th Open seminar on Acoustics = 58 Otwarte Seminarium z Akustyki, Jurata, 13-16 września 2011 r./ Gdańsk: Polskie Towarzystwo Akustyczne Oddział Gdański, 2011, s.17-24
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