New concept and analysis of the multicell piezoelectric motor


This work presents the design, modeling and tests of the prototype multicell piezoelectric motor (MPM). A new concept of the electromechanical structure of the considered prototype is based on three rotating-mode actuators. The electromechanical structure of each actuator has been considered as an independent one - referred to as a ”single cell” (single actuator). Combined three resonant actuators generate three traveling waves which as a result improve the stability and performance of the MPM. The results of research carried out using analytical, simulation and experimental methods cover the torque vs. speed characteristics of the prototype MPM.

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Kategoria: Publikacja monograficzna
Typ: książka - monografia autorska /podręcznik o zasięgu krajowym
Język: angielski
Rok wydania: 2018
Opis bibliograficzny: Ryndzionek R.: New concept and analysis of the multicell piezoelectric motor. : LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2018.101 s. ISBN 978-613-6-54735-0
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