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Performance Models of a Multidomain IMS/NGN Service Stratum


This paper quantifies call processing performance (CPP) of a multidomain IMS/NGN architecture, which was proposed to deliver current and future telecommunication services with strict quality requirements, independently of the transport network technologies. A realistic simulation model is used as a reference for evaluation of the analytical results, in which vari-ous types of queuing systems are applied to model the opera-tion of servers and links in a multidomain IMS/NGN. The compared results include mean Call Set-up Delay (E(CSD)) and mean Call Disengagement Delay (E(CDD)), a subset of standardized CPP parameters, which are very important for satisfaction of users and must be taken into account during network design. As a result, complete recommendations on queuing systems for a design process of a multidomain IMS/NGN are presented, given both accuracy and computation complexity.

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Kaczmarek S., Sac M.: Performance Models of a Multidomain IMS/NGN Service Stratum// / : , 2021,
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