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Recognition and sensing of anions


Molecular ion recognition is one of the most intensively studied areas of supramolecular technology. The reason for this is the essential role that ions play in many biological as well as industrial processes. On the other hand, however, it has been proved that ions can have a negative impact on human health and the environment. For these reasons, it is extremly important to develop rapid and simple methods allowing the determination of ions in different types of samples. Recently, much attention has been focused on the design of simple, amide-based ligands that are capable of selective anion recognition. Here, we present examples of anion receptor application in ion sensing as well as transport through the membrane cell area.

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rozdział, artykuł w książce - dziele zbiorowym /podręczniku w języku o zasięgu międzynarodowym
Tytuł wydania:
PhD Interdisciplinary Journal. No. 1 strony 61 - 66
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Opis bibliograficzny:
Łukasik N., Wagner-Wysiecka E.: Recognition and sensing of anions// PhD Interdisciplinary Journal. No. 1/ : Gdańsk University of Technology, 2013, s.61-66
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