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Refurbishment of a historical building - design issues


Over a 10-year modernization of the main building of Gdansk University of Technology is coming to the end. The ever increasing number of students requires not only the development of the campus with new facility buildings, also the existing buildings are subject to adaptation and modernization. In addition to high-impact solutions, as restoring the former glory of the building (reconstruction of the clock tower), or introducing a new quality (glazing of both internal courtyards), one of the objectives was to adapt the vast attics to studios and work-shops. Connected to the reconstruction of damaged or neglected infrastructure, especially ventilation and heating system, the task becomes a complex engineering and organizational challenge. In case of a historical building, entered in the register of monuments, in constant use, the difficulty of carrying out such a task is significantly increased. Respecting complex spatial relationships, the introduction of the contemporary architectural means into the historic building requires custom design solutions. The method adopted to solve design problems rely on restoring the original technical solutions, based on an analysis of constructional elements of the original structure. The main building was raised in an innovative way – the eclectic, referring to the Dutch neo-renaissance façade hid at that time innovative, modular system of steel frame construction, double-floor installation spaces and more. Changing user requirements and degradation of some elements have not allowed completing their restoration and use; however, the original design idea has been retained and developed, providing both users comfort and safety of the structure.

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Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2013: Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations strony 1 - 5
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Bąkowski J.: Refurbishment of a historical building - design issues// Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2013: Sustainable Building and Refurbishment for Next Generations/ Praga: CESB, 2013, s.1-5
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